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Enie ze Soutoku Sazavy

Enie is a very special female. She is a rarity when it comes to female Malinois in that she is an IPO3, is a championship participant, a proven producer and a real pleasure to watch work! Her grips are super full, very forward and pushing and very hard. She hits like a hammer no matter the distance. She has pronounced fight and character while still maintaining trainability and control. Her drives are super, excellent nose and generally very social and stable disposition. Lots of energy and very athletic all while being very easy to live with. I'm very lucky to have this girl!

Lina du Lac de Naxos

Lina is a beautiful and substantial Belgian import breeding female. She looks and acts like a male. She comes from well known, strong bloodlines and is a proven producer with offspring working nicely in sport and police over in Europe.

Her grips are full, hard and forward. She is social with people and very stable but can be dominant towards other dogs. No animal aggression or handler aggression. Very nice drives all around with excellent character for a female.

c/o Jimi L.

Fierce du Chenil de Loucyn

Luca is a very large and athletic girl with cat-like agility. She is amazingly social with people, children and other dogs. Her grips are full and hard with nice entries and she handles pressure very well. She has very nice drives all around and an excellent nose. Her nerves and stability are super. She is a proven producer of versatile working dogs.

I'Minnie de Loucyn

Minnie is a solidly built, athletic girl that is pushy and physical in attitude and body. She is a bull like her father Momo and shares his impressive gripping style as well. Minnie is very social with people and fine around most animals but can be very dominant with other dogs. Her character is special for a female. Solid nerve, super stable and handles pressure with ease. Nice drives, speed and nose make up for a complete package.

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