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Custer des Contes d'Hoffmann

Momo is an incredible, extremely strong dog. His drives are on the extreme side and his grips are very full and forward, VERY hard and calm. His grips have been described as 'painfully crushing' and 'as good as it gets'. 

His character is very impressive as he can naturally handle major stress and pressure from both decoy and handler with ease. His resiliance/hardness through opposition is unique.

Momo is very environmentally solid, socially indifferent,  no animal/dog/handler aggression and extremely athletic, jumping max height on all FR jumps with room to spare. He is obsessive with searching for and carrying objects and has excellent hunt drive.

He is a very special dog and has played a significant part in the Loucyn breeding program. He has proven to be a very potent stud, reproducing much of himself in his pups.

He has become quite the canine celebrity with his numerous appearances on TV as well as videos and public demonstrations. 

He has numerous sons, daughters and grandchildren working for the U.S. Military, police depts, high level protection sport as well as performance events.

Dracke au Paradis d'Orsy

Dracke is just an amazing and very complete dog! His social stability is unique in the breed as he is very outgoing and friendly with people, children, dogs and other animals. His grip is full, forward and hard. He has very high drives all around with excellent nerve and character. He is 25x FRIII, a selectif participant, a proven producer with many of his kids and grandkids working in protection sports and performance events here in the U.S. and overseas.

Hoss de Loucyn

Hoss got the label of  'Mr. Personality' at 6 weeks of age and not much has changed since. He really is a special dog: clear, athletic, very strong, very driven and able to handle lots of pressure...and still be super happy to work. That's Hoss. He really has a super work ethic and tries very hard (often too hard lol) to figure out what he needs to do. His grips are full calm and hard, his entries and technique are quite nice, his character is excellent and although he may come across as goofy when hanging out, he can get serious in 2 seconds. Hoss is a social and stable dog with great food drive, excellent toy/reward drive (he would probably work for a leaf) and good aggression. No animal or dog aggression. No handler aggression and super clear. The other reasons I love Hoss are his energy, his great nerve, his great hunt drive and methodical nose, his flashy and correct obedience and his desire to possess items (just like Momo). He is currently competing successfully in ringsport with numerous wins and awards. He is a true crowd favorite!

He is proving to be a potent stud so far with his offspring showing the same clarity, stability and versatility he exhibits.

Freddy (Loucyn)

Freddy is a rarity in the world of working Belgian Malinois. He loves people, children and dogs/animals alike and is totally social. He is a pleasure and easy to live with in either a kennel or home setting. A huge goofball with a happy personality.

On the flip side, Freddy is all business when it comes to work! 

He will gladly work for food (and knows a few cute tricks) and LOVES toys with excellent natural possession.

He has a super methodical and deep nose and excellent hunt drive. He loves tracking and detection/scent work. 

As much as he loves to use his nose, he also loves bitework. Freddy has a big and full punishing bite! Those that have had the pleasure of working him have all remarked about his bite and how painful it was. Freddy is a serious dog when it comes to biting and it shows. He has very real aggression and will bite civil with no hesitation as he is not just a prey junky. A very powerful dog with a big character and huge heart.

Freddy is currently working for the U.S. Military but has been collected for future use in the breeding program.

Loucyn's Cesar Barranco

The word that best describes Cesar is INTENSE!

I think that of all the Malinois we have seen... KNPV, NVBK, AKC/FCI and everything inbetween, Cesar has got to be one of the most intense and driven Malinois we have ever witnessed. His level of drive, aggression and energy is of the highest caliber. This is truly an incredible quality Malinois with a fearless, very hard and strong character and rock solid nerves. His drive for food and toys is through the roof and sometimes dangerous. Cesar is also an extremely possessive dog with obsessive, over the top hunt drive. He would rather die than quit.

His structure is excellent and his muscling is very pronounced with a strong front, rear and a huge powerful head/jowls.

His obedience is fast and correct although he is a difficult dog to control when in drive. He is not handler aggressive but is an extremely dominant and civil dog that is literally 'dead serious'.

His protection work is nothing short of scary. His attacks and entries are so violent and brutal, he regularly takes out the helper or decoy. His grips are very full and hard and he bites as if he was trying to go right through you. His aggression is overly confident and extreme, Cesar is a malicious dog and wants to hurt you. His muzzle attacks are equally brutal and serious.

Cesar is currently enjoying the retired life as he was deemed too extreme long ago to safely work for any sport or dept.

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