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Welcome to the Loucyn site! Please make sure to check in often for updates and changes as I am constantly improving my program and my site by adding new dogs and new info as well.

The Loucyn Malinois breeding program is primarily based on old working bloodlines that have been proven to strongly pass on the desired genetic qualities we look for in today's Malinois dogs including excellent gripping behavior, strong character, great noses, high drives and trainability, good aggression and nerve, athleticism, power and great health. 


A Quick History,

For more than 20 years I have had Belgian Malinois in my life. I have an incredible appreciation and passion for the drive, athleticism, power and courage of the Malinois. My goal is to preserve the amazing working qualities of the Malinois through careful, well planned breeding and selection. I have learned from many of the most successful Malinois breeders internationally and I understand well the history behind the Malinois. I take pride in carrying the torch of breeding these incredible dogs for the work they were created to perform. My dogs excel in the protection sports (IPO, French Ringsport, Mondioring, PSA etc), Search and Rescue, Performance Sports and Police Work. This is what they are bred for and they love their jobs.


It seems that today, everyone is a breeder. There has been an explosion of Malinois breeders popping up and the majority of them have no regard for what the Malinois should be. They have not closely studied the different bloodlines, they have no specific selection process and they compromise quality for quantity and money. These poor standards have sent the working Malinois into a downward spiral of weak, small, thin nerved dogs with no real character or courage under pressure. A great breeder should be looking to strengthen their line, not weaken it to sell more puppies to inappropriate homes.

In 2003, I started the well-known Barriques Malinois breeding program with Waleed Maalouf in New York. We imported and bred many influential Malinois over the years including Dovre Fjeld Xhone aka Byrak, the great Rodin du Calvaire aux Acacias and Fat Louie des Barriques to name a few. The Barriques breeding program introduced some much needed new blood into the US and helped to raise the standard of working Malinois here. Unfortunately, in late 2006, Waleed and I had different goals and plans in life so we decided to go our seperate ways. Waleed kept the Barriques name and I started Loucyn. In early 2008, I relocated across the country to sunny Southern California.


We are currently located on a beautiful and scenic private ranch just north of San Diego, California. 


More recently, the Malinois seems to have taken center stage when it come to upcoming dog breeds. Everyone wants one now. They are increasingly seen in movies (like 'Max' 2015) and on TV programs as well as receiving tons of publicity due to their work in the military and law enforcement. I CAUTION YOU: Malinois are generally a horrible choice for a family pet! There are much better choices out there if you want a nice family dog that will offer some protection, trust me, the Malinois is not for you. The rescues and shelters are seeing alarming numbers of Malinois being dumped (usually because they were purchased as a pet and the new owners quickly realized they were in over their heads). It's sad and its happening. No, I wont sell you a Malinois for a pet, protection dog, babysitter, guard dog, jogging partner, service dog etc. My dogs are bred for hard work and will only be sold to those with intentions of working them hard. Hard work makes a happy Malinois!

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